Hotels In Thane

Thane is a city situated just at a distande of few kilometers from Mumbai, and has 30 lakes so there is no wonder that it is called as ‘Lake City’. Thane is one of the oldest city, around 2000 years old. One of the best feature of Thane is that it has both Traditional and Modern attractions.

Thane is located on Salsette Island on the Northeast region of Mumbai. The actual beauty of Thane is not only in Lakes but also in surrounding hills of Yeoor and Parsik.

Some of the lakes in Thane are:

  • Masunda Lake (Talav Pali)
  • Makhmali Lake
  • Ambe Ghonsali Lake
  • Jail Lake
  • Wagle Lake
  • Yashasvi Nagar Lake
  • Kharegaon Lake
  • Balkum Lake
  • Bramhala-Kolbad Lake

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Thane is also said to be an Importane Induatrial District in Maharashtra, as it has number of undustries like Cotton and Textile, Motor Parts, Canning, Motor Parts, Paper and some other industries are also currently operating here. These all industries offers huge employment for both skilled and unskilled persons.

Due to all such features Thane attracts number of Real Estate Businessman’s. Along with such developed infrastructure, educational institutions, health facilities, beautiful lakes and hotels Thane provides many other services also. To enjoy such beauty of Thane many Travellers visit here, and use to stay in a good and comfortable Hotels In Thane. Thane is again devided into East and West segment, and each segment has Tourist attractions and Hotels also.


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