HITEC City Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a great place to visit in Andhra Pradech. It is one of newly developing cities, so it is obvious that not many persons will have detailed information about the features of city.  Hyderabad is known as city of Love and has gaining a continuous growth from last few years due to which now it becomes fifth largest metropolitan city in india and a hotspot for tourists. Hyderabad has now gaining more reputation in the fields like technology, culture, education,art,literature,architecture and many more. Due to all such features of city there is great demand for Hotels In Hyderabad.


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Hyderabad is a capital of Andhra Pradesh i.e. (AP) which is known as IT ingenious state in India, whereas the share of Hyderabad in indian IT exports is near about 12%. Sometimes Hyderabad is known as ‘City Of Pearls’ and now it is approaching towards its dream of becoming the ‘Silicon Valley Of India’. The city Hyderabad is spread over 650 Sq. Km and has a population of near about 6.8 millions. In India there is flood of arts and craft man’s but there talent is unrecognised, that’s why to encourage them and boosting them Hyderabad hosts annual bazaars, where artists from all over the country exhibit there talent. All this increases the popularity of 5 Star Hotels In Hyderabad.


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HITEC City contributes largly to the growing importance of IT industries in Hyderabad. After the great revolution of IT Hub at Bangalore, the government of Hyderabad realise the importance of IT Hub and started developing infrastructure of Silicon Valley at Hyderabad. This Silicon Valley increases the investment of many IT companies. HITEC is an abbreviation of  Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City. 

HITEC City is at the centre of Hyderabad which easily attracts many Travellers, Businessman’s, Students, Professionals, and many others too. All these peoples increases the importance of Star and Budget Hotels In HITEC City.  At the middle of HITEC City there is one cylindrical building which itself houses many MNC’s like TCS, Infosys, Toshiba, IBM, Wipro, Metamor, Oracle, etc. This building is also known by the name Cyber Tower.All Such features of HITEC City attracts many travellers and increases the importance of City.


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