Ratnagiri- A Best Destination To Enjoy Holidays


Ratnagiri is a dockyard city, on Arabian sea coast, in Ratnagiri District which is a part of Kokan, of Maharashtra state. Ratnagiri is surrounded by Sahyandri mountain from east side, which is a capital and most important port of Bijapur. Ratnagiri is awarded with many hot tourist destinations. The most attractive beauty of Ratnagiri is its association with Sahyandris and a beautiful Arabian sea.



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Rantagiri is gifted with elegant hills, charming seashore, creeks, pretty rivers, water springs and waterfalls along with ancient forts and monuments. It is situated on the coastal belt, which is blessed with beautiful beaches that offer the magnificent sight of an ancient fort ignoring the harbour beyond its silvery sands.



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Ratnagiri is a birthplace of so many well-known Indians who had lost their life in the struggle of freedom, due to which this small city acquired a remarkable position in the history of India. Ratnagiri has pretty surroundings, which offers an exhilarating environment to the visitors. The beauty of Ratnagiri like, enchanting sunrise, which looks like sun is kissing to beaches of silvery sands, which is confined with wavey coconut palms, and lustrous mangroves, makes Ratnagiri a dream destination to nature lovers, peaceful peoples, film makers and producers too.


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This city is gifted with impressive hills, lovable seashore, overflowing waterfalls, and bright monuments. An honest beauty on the Konkan region is its lovely locality, and delight natural places to explore. Ratnagiri is a unique hill station with a mountainous landscape, dream plains and garishing structures. Ratnagiri is a definitely a best destination to enjoy a weekend, vacations, and holidays too.

Some of the other beautiful tourist deatinations in Ratnagiri are:

  • Ratnadurg Fort
  • Gateway Of Ratnagiri
  • Swayambhu Ganpati Temple



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To enjoy all such beautiful places in Ratnagiri, you must stay in a best Star Rating Hotels In Ratnagiri, so you will not face any accommodation problems, and also get a best facilities.


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