Transportation facilities to Nagpur

About Nagpur:

Nagpur is a very good city located in the heart of India, which also make this city the owner of the zero mile marker. It indicates that it is right at the center of the country. It is also very famous for juicy oranges and it is the biggest trading center of oranges in India. It is also very famous and will known as the Orange City and it is also been declared the Tiger Capital of India. This amazing city is surrounded by many tiger’s reserves. Total 36 Tiger reserves are there in India out of which around 13 are situated near Nagpur city. Due to this people who want to visit jungle safari are also attracted to city.  Nagpur is also been entitle the second greenest and cleanest city of India. Hospitality industry in Nagpur is also well developed to handle lot the inflow to tourist and travelers. There are around 13 to 14 good Hotels in Nagpur city to provide you with comfortable staying.


In terms of population it has the population of around 2,405,421 people settle in the area of 217.6 sq km. It geographical location makes this city more famous because of the zero mile marker. It is located on the Deccan plateau in Maharashtra.

How to reach Nagpur:

Due to its geographical location this city is well connected to rest of the Indian cities. This beautiful city is almost connected to all the major cities of India. You can reach this city by all the major means of transportation i.e. by airways, by railway and by roadway.

Airways:  It has its own airport, which serves both domestic and International flights. It has been named after the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar the chief architect of Indian Constitution. Due to this airport this city is connected to many big cities easily.


Railway: Nagpur’s city railway station is the most important railway junction. Due to centrally located this city serves a very important role to the rail routes of Indian railway. About 160 trains from different parts of the country halt at Nagpur city and very soon you will see the Ram Jhula which is being constructed near Nagpur Railway Station. It will complete in the year 2014 to be used as local transportation. It has also become one of the attractions of Nagpur. It is the second best type to reach this city. Hotels near Nagpur Railway Station are well equipped to provide you with best accommodation.


Roadways: It is also a main junction for roadway because the two important National Highway passes through Nagpur city. These Highways make this city easily accessible to many big and small cities of India.

Nagpur Best season

Ideal Time to visit Nagpur is during November to February. Summers season of this city is too hot so you can avoided the month of March to July. The tourism sector to Nagpur started during the winter season. It has many good places to visit in and around the city.

Some of the best places to visit in the city are given below:

Telankadi Lake: Telankadi Lake is one of the most popular picnic spot of to have a fun with your family and friends. It is located in the outskirts of Nagpur city. It is perfect destination for the family picnic. It has a very beautiful garden with the spacious walkway.

Ramtek Fort temple:  Ramtek Fort temple is the legendary story in his pocket. It is a sacred place where lord Ram has taken rest before going to defeat Ravan. It is located on the hilltop. The fresh airs on the hilltop make the visit of this beautiful temple more popular.


Visit this magnificent city with your whole family and enjoy. It will surely be a memorable trip of your’s to cheerish lifetime.


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