Andheri, Western Suburb of Mumbai


Andheri is one of the major suburbs in Western Mumbai and it is an opulent region of Mumbai city. The suburb is divided into two parts that is east Andheri and West Andheri which are separated by a Railway Line. Andheri West is a residential area which includes some of the old Parsi houses and Andheri east has a mixture of commercial as well as residential which includes Chatrapti Shvaji International Airport and many call centers and Business Process Outsourcing companies are located in this area.

Mumbai is itself the first metropolitan city of the country and Andheri is the rich region of the city having houses of many celebrities. Many tourists come to Mumbai prefer to stay in this area. Andheri east and west both are having many landmarks which makes it one of the most important parts of Mumbai.

Points of Attraction in Andheri

·         Mahakali Caves – Andheri East contains ancient caves which are now in ruins but earlier these caves were very famous. These caves are named after Goddess Maha Kali. But now government is giving attention and restoring the caves.


·         Gilbert Hill – In Andheri, there is a baby cousin of Devil’s tower that is Gilbert Hill a monolith column of black basalt rock. This hill was created when molten lava squeezed out of the Earth’s cleft. This hill is 200 foot in height.


·         Vanchasiddhi Temple of Lord Ganesha – This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the temple is very famous in Mumbai after Siddhivinayak Temple in Dadar. Hundreds of devotees visit this temple every day. This temple is having second highest devotees in Mumbai; during Chaturthi the temple is full of devotees. 

·         Modern Facilities – Andheri East and West is having largest and well known malls and software companies in this in the whole Mumbai. Infinity Mall in Andheri is one of the largest and famous malls in Mumbai. This area is an up market area. Zapak the famous gaming zone is situated in Andheri.  

·         Santacruz Electronic and Export Promotion Zone – This zone of Andheri is known as Special Economic Zone and it is one of the umportant areas of the region. SEEPZ is located in MIDC area of Andheri.  

There are many more landmarks in this area of Mumbai. This region is famous for malls and market area mainly.

How to reach?

·         By Bus – Bus service in Mumbai is very good and buses run by BEST are well connected to all parts of the Mumbai. Buses of 200 & 300 series serve this region.

·         By Train – Andheri is served by Western Railway Station of Bandra, local’s arewell conncted to all parts of the city to travel within the city and western harbor lines are terminated at Andheri station.

·         By Flight – Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport is lies in Andheri East and therefore, if you are coming by flight then there is no problem for transportation.

Where to Stay in Andheri?

Andheri is one of the important suburbs in Mumbai. Many tourists come to visit Mumbai prefer to stay in this region because of luxury hotels and budget hotels with great facility. Andheri is affluent region of Mumbai, many rich and famous people live in this region of Mumbai. For accommodation and catering Mumbai is the best place. You can get as many hotels as you want in this region. Andheri hotels provide all facilities including internet access, 24 hours room service, parking slot, cafeteria in hotel, restaurant facility and many more.


Andheri east and west both the region is very popular and important in Mumbai’s history also as it contains number of historical landmarks in this area. It is fully developed region with all the facilities that is why this place is very important and popular in the whole country.



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