Mysore – Cultural Capital Of Karnataka

About Mysore:

Mysore is the most irresistible city of Karnataka state, India. It is situated just 145 km away from the capital city Bangalore. It is located at 770 m above sea level and covers an area of 128.42 sq. km. It has become one of the most visited tourist destination of India.



According to Indian mythology this city is ruled by the king of demons known as Mahishasura. Hence, it got its name Mahishuru and with time it changed into Mahisuru. Its present name in Kannada is Maisuru and during the British raj it changed into Mysore. Today it is the headquarter of Mysore district and it is also known as City of Palaces, Garden city, City of Yoga or Ivory City.


Cultural Capital:

It is known as the cultural capital of Karnataka state. This city is ruled by the king Wodeyar for many centuries. He was a great lover of art and music and always encourages every possible means to develop it. In his ruling Mysore has developed beautifully and become the cultural centre of Karnataka. It has on its credit for many great musicians, dancers, music composers, Sanskrit scholars, writers, poets and other general intellectuals.

Places to Visit in Mysore city:

It has many attractions like religious spots, Panoramic Palaces, wonderful art forms, extremely decorative craft and many more. Some of the best places of Mysore are

  • The Mysore Palace

  • Chamundi Hills

  • Mysore Zoo & Karangi Lake.

  • Brindavan Gardens & KRS Dam

  • Jaganmohan Art Gallery

  • St. Philomena’s Church

  • Lalitha Mahal Palace

  • The Rail Museum

  • ISKCON Temple

  • Folk Lore Museum

  • Balmuri Water Falls

It also has various other tourist destinations around Mysore city like Srirangapatna Temple, Sri Lakshminarasimha swamy Temple, Watergate Site of Tippu’s death, Nimishamba Temple, Dariyadaulath bagh (Tippu’s Palace), Bird Sanctuary, Madikeri Palace, Bylakuppe (Buddhist Golden Temple ),
Kabini River Lodge, Bandipur National Park, Nagarahole (Rajiv Gandhi National Park)


Mysore Cuisine:

Mysore cuisine includes many mouth watering items in which rice is main ingredient. To a large extent Mysore cuisine is resembles the Udupi Cuisine. Items like dosa and Idli are the major part of Mysore cuisine.

In traditional lunch you will generally find Kosambri (cereal salads), gojju (a vegetable cooked in tamarind juice with chilli powder), saaru or huli (a thick broth of different kinds of lentils and vegetables cooked together with ground coconut, tamarind, spices, and chilli powder), palyas (it’s a vegetable salads, which is made of parboiled vegetable chopped finely and garnish with grated fresh coconut, green chillies, curry leaves and mustard seasoning), rasam, pappad, curds and pickle.


To see and experience all the above places and cuisine you can plan a wonderful vacation to this beautiful city with your whole family and friends. It is well connected to all the big cities of India. It has its own airport which serves as a domestic airport. It is also well-connected by the second fastest means of transportation that’s by railway. Mysore railway station is ideally located and easily accessible from different locations of the city. Many visitors who came by train preferred to stay in Hotels near Mysore Railway Station which are well equipped to provide better accommodation.


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