Dadar, favorite area for food lovers in Mumbai


Dadar is the suburban area of Mumbai, which is located in the heart of city. It also has a railway station on both the line i.e. Western and central line of Dadar, and this the only station which is common to both the lines. It makes the dadar station transit to the thousands of Passengers using Mumbai suburb railway station and one of the crowded railway stations on the network.


Dadar has been a cultural center for Marathi speaking population and entire Indian Diaspora. Like other suburban areas Dadar is divided into east and west part by the railway station. Dadar east is is popularly known as Dadar central or Dadar T.T while the Dadar west is popular as the Dadar B.B  this is because it lies along the western line which was the part of Bombay (Mumbai) and Baroda. The west market of Dadar is very popular for the shopping for the residents of central Mumbai and distant satellite towns.


It is home to the very famous Shivaji Park, which is the huge playground that was home to the god of cricket Sachin Tendulakar. It is also home to the very famous Siddhivinayak temple which is located in Prabhadevi. The largest and famous primary and secondary schools are also located here.


Apart from this Dadar is home to the Chaitya Bhoomi, it is the place where the last rites of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar were performed. The huge ceremony is celebrated at this place on 6th Dec in his memory.  The official residence of the Mayor of Mumbai, and the headquarter of political party Shiv sena; Sena bhavan is also located here. Dadar houses the plaza  movie theatre which was damaged in terrorist attack during 1993, but it has been reopened now.


It has Lokamanya Tilak Bridge which is the oldest bridge in Mumbai and built in 1923. Dadr is very famous place for food in Maharashtra. Food like Vada pav , Batata vada Thalipith, Sabudana vada, Misal pav Usal pav, puri Bhaji. Apart from that there are many restaurents and hotels in Dadar  that serves Maharashtrian food. You only need to coose right category of hotel.




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