Heart of India, Nagpur


Nagpur is the largest city in central India. It is the capital of State of Maharashtra. It is renowned as an Orange city. As oranges are cultivated here in a great amount.  It is the third largest metropolis in India. It is the center of India which is marked as identifier mark as’ Zero Mile’.

The city was found by the Gonds but later on it became a part of Maratha Empire. City got its name by the river named Naga River which flows through serpentine part of the Nagpur. The British India took over the city in19th century and made it capital of the central provinces and Berar. Apart from this Nagpur is the major commercial and political center of the Vidarbha region and It is the seat of annual winter session of Maharashtra.


The city is renowned for its rich heritage and culture. It is the cultural capital of Vidarbha. It is crowned with an illusion history; Nagpur is one of the power centers of Indian and Maratha politics. It is home to the headquarter of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Reshimbag. It has many places to visit like,


Ø  Futala Lake – It is the very famous lake in Nagpur, built by the Raje Bhonsle. Its relax atmosphere attracts hundred of localized people and tourists. The lake remains crowded during government holiday. It is famous spot specially amongst youngsters.



Ø  Diksha Bhoomi –  It is an important religious Buddhist monument located at Nagpur. All the Buddhist people across the world visit the place t o Offer floral tributes. At this place in 1956 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar initiated the conversion of thousand of Dalit people to Buddhism.




Ø  Ambazari lake – It is the picnic spot which has locals and tourists which are thronging the place in weekends and evenings. This is the very famous lake which offers boat ride with entire family.

Apart from these there are many more places in Nagpur like Telankhadi lake, Maharajbagh garden, Raman science, Ramtek Fort, Khindsi and many more places which will help you to release your tension.


There are so many hotels in Nagpur which leads to the success of city. Being a center of India, many people visit the city for their work purposes. It is home to the different software companies like persistent, Infocept, Fort InfoTech along with the new MIHAN project, which is just about to start. Due to these, project prices of landscape in Nagpur have been skyrocketed. So many areas in Nagpur has developed as a residential localities. The city of Nagpur consists of more than 30 hotels all of these hotels provide good service with great ambiance.

Some of the hotels in Nagpur are,

  • Hotel Pride
  • Radisson Blue
  • Hotel Tuli Imperial
  • Center Point
  • Blue Diamond.

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