Nagpur, City of Oranges


Nagpur is the third largest city of Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. The city is winter capital of Maharashtra and popularly known as the city of Oranges because it is the major trade centre of oranges that are cultivated in this region and throughout the country the city is famous as the Centre of the country because the city is geographical centre of India.

Nagpur, one of the fast growing metropolis and it has recently ranked as the cleanest and second greenest city of India and Nagpur is also the place where annual winter session of Maharashtra state assembly is organized. The city is declared as the Tiger capital of India as this city connects various tiger reserves in India to the world, also it is among the top It cities of Maharashtra and the geographical centre of India at Zero Mile.


Tourists Attractions in Nagpur

·         Deekshabhumi – Deekshabhumi is an important place of Dalit Buddhist movement. This is the largest dome shaped monument. Every year, one the day of Vijayadashami that is Dassera number of followers of Dr. Ambdekar visit this place from all over India. The place is the most important for Buddhist people.

·         Tekadi Ganpati – This temple located in the centre of the city is the popular and very important pilgrimage centre of Nagpur. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and it is said that the Ganesha here is Swayambhu that is self manifested; it is believed that, if you wish for anything here, Ganesha will fulfill your wish.

·         Futala Lake – This Lake is the famous hangout place of Nagpur. You can find bunches of youngsters at this lake in the evening and in the weekends here. The lake is the evening host for food in the exotic view. This lake is very popular in the city.


·         Khindsi Watersports – This is a picturesque lake located about 40 kilometers from the Nagpur city. The lake is the famous nature beauty and popular for water sports. This lake is in the valley which is covered with the deep forest from all the sides and is one of the popular tourist’s attractions. There are numbers of cottages are available for the accommodation and lodging facility is also available near this lake.

Transportation Facility

Nagpur is in the centre of the country and one of the important cities of India. Therefore, transport all facilities are available in this city. You can easily reach to Nagpur. The city is equidistant from all the major metros of India and it is connected to all the major cities by trains several times in a day. Nagpur Bus Stand is the main bus stand for travelling far from the city, connected to all the parts of the state and to some major cities out of Maharashtra and City buses are also available for the transportation within the city. Private buses are also available to and from Nagpur. Taxis and auto rikshaws are also available for travelling within the city. Nagpur airport is one of the important airport in the city which operates domestic as well as international flights.


Accommodation in Nagpur

Nagpur is one of the important tourist’s destinations and as the city is commercially important therefore there are many business travelers also visit the city. For accommodation, Nagpur is full of luxury as well as budget hotels. Many 5 star hotels in Nagpur provide excellent facility to their guests and some of them also provide transport facility. As the city bustling with locality and having many tourists’ attractions, the city is visited by many tourists every month.

Nagpur, the city of oranges is an important part of the Maharashtra Government as the city is winter capital of the state. Visit Nagpur and feel the beauty of the city.


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