Railway Stations In Mumbai

Railway Stations are used for both travelling and transportation. The main profit of railway board is through goods transportation, and not through passenger services. Since Mumbai is a main contribuer of India’s transportation, there is great need of best transportation facilities and specially the Railway Transportation facilities. Mumbai serves many local railway stations at both central and harbor line. It also hosts many stations for long distance trains, some of which are explained below.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus fromerly known as Victoria Terminus is betterly abbreviated as CST or VT. It is one of the busiest railway stations in India, and it also serves the headquarter of central railway. It gives a spitting image of Victorian-Gothic style of architecture in India. It is declered as a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO in 2004, for its beautiful architecture and great services. Due to its prime location in the heart of city, and well serving facilities most of the tourists prefer to stay at comfortable Hotels Near CST Mumbai. It has total 18 platforms, 12 of which are for long distance trains and remaining 6 are for local trains. This terminus is well linked by rail to all other parts of the country. Many budget and star category hotels are available there nearby CST, for serving huge crowd of passengers. It also provides best services for goods transportation through Mumbai.


Dadar Railway Station

Dadar Railway Station is also a main railway station of Mumbai Suburban Railway on both central and wastern lines. The central and western terminals of this station are connected by a bridge. Due to its prime location, and serving of both central and western lines it is mostly preferred for local transportation. Being a second biggest railway station in Mumbai, there is also great demand for comfortable Hotels Near Dadar Railway Station.


Churchgate Railway Station

Churchgate Railway Station is a first station of western suburban railway network. It is located at Churchgate in South Mumbai. It’s name is derived from the Church Gate street which is just next to the station, on south side. It is also one of the most preferred terminus of travelers, because many of the tourist attractions in Mumbai, are at a close proximity to Churchgate Railway Station.


Such a huge number of big railway stations under one city definitely serves the crowd in Mumbai, and it also contributes largely to India’s goods transportation.


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