Favorite shopping Destination in Delhi, Karol Bagh


Karol Bagh is the area in Delhi, which is merely famous for the shopping. The market of Delhi has a lot of option Karol Bagh is one of them. It is just 2 km from the New Delhi railway station. It is the mix residential area in Delhi. The area of Karol Bagh is very popular amongst the tourist. It is especially famous for its shopping streets like Ghaffar market and Ajmal Khan road in Delhi.


The area was established in 2008, it was the home to the Karol Bag loksabha constituency. Previously it was having large population of Muslims along with the large community of Bengali people. It has witnessed several incidents like anti- Shikh riots in1984. The area of Ghaffar market has been targeted by the terrorist.  Karol Bagh is not only famous for its market but it is alsorenowned for many eeducational institutes. Most of the renowned institutes like Ayurvedic college, Shri Gurunanak Dev Khalsa college is located here.


Apart from rest of the areas in Delhi, Karol bagh is developing as the upcoming market area in Delhi. The streets of Delhi are linked by many shops, cafes, jewelry shops, pizza hut etc. Karol bagh is mainly famous for its shopping complex. Shopping through Karol bagh is an unforgettable experience which can be unique in many senses. The people who love dinning out there are many restaurants, and hotels in Karol Bagh which will provide you Quality food with attractive ambience.


Karol bagh is best known for its jewelry shopping. Indian Jewelry has enthuse the people among the world. Ornaments of gold and precious stones have been used from ancient times for the decoration of god and goddess. Delhi’s gold and silver smiths are famous in country. Karol bagh has the maximum number of jewelry shops in Delhi. In fact some streets in Delhi are still known as ‘Silver Street’.




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