The Importance Of Indian Airport Industry

Delhi including national capital of India which is New Delhi, is situated at the bank of Yamuna river in northern India. It is second most populous metropolis in India, and also a largest city in terms of area. As per the records of 2011, the total population of this city is 16.3 million, which makes it 8th most populous metropolis in world. It serves its own Legislative Assembly, council of ministers and chief minister, Lieutenant Governor and so on. Due to all these features Delhi become a largest commercial centre in northern India, which demands for best transportation facilities.


Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation is the undertaking of Delhi Government, and was established in December 1975. The primary aim of this corporation is promoting tourism, transportation and other related services in the city too.


Airways are the only way with which you can quickly and comfortably catch your destinations. Air Transport Industry is one of the best prototypes of world where all human activities will be integrated like administration, companies and contractors. To provide Airport Transport Industry, efforts of following persons are need to combine:

Travel Agents (who sell the service)

Airlines (who operate aircrafts)

IAF (who operate airports)

Traffic Controllers


Customs and many more…


As this airport services are provided across the countries, it requires the cooperation of governments. As Delhi is the main centre of Indian Government, there is great need of both domestic and international airports to cater the huge crowd of passengers as well as goods. The international airport at Delhi is popularly known as Indira Gandhi International Airport or IGI airport. This airport has two terminals with major airlines from all over the world having 24/7 flights to and from IGI airport. Among them one is Domestic Terminal which is 3 km away from that of International Terminal.


Facilities At Delhi Airport:

It provides almost all facilities like Bus services within every 30 minutes from one terminal to other. Well equipeed modern facilities with resting rooms, banks, cafes, restaurants, internet facilities and duty free shopping areas. ATMs are also made available at Terminal 1A and also at the visitors arrival area of International Airport. Best accommodation facilities are also made available in the Hotels Near Delhi International Airport.


Importance Of Air Transport:

  • It can cover many difficult terrains like high mountains, dreary deserts, and dense forest easily. 
  • North-eastern part of the country is marked with big rivers, disjoint relief , dense forests and frequent floods, but the air travel has made access to these places easier.
  • Fastest mode of transportation.
  • Luxurious and comfortable journey.




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