Kormangala, Highly Residential Locality in Bangalore


Kormangala is the suburb in Bangalore, which is located in the south –eastern part of Bangalore. The suburb of Kormangala is highly search for the residential localities. It serves many wide tree lined boulevards with a mix of luxury apartments, posh bungalows and commercial structure.

Previously it was small area, but Boom of IT in Bangalore has changed whole scenario of it. Eventually it has become a commercial hub. Kormangala is cosmopolitan in nature. It is home to the many renowned educational institutes like IIPM, St.Johns Medical College, and Amity global business school, Vemana institutes of technology. Apart from these it is home to the many  software companies like Wipro, NDS, Infosys, Siemens, Zenith software. All of these industries in Kormangala are helping it to lead as the industrial hub in Bangalore.

Kormangala is the focal point of many busy main roads like Sarjapur roads, intermediate ring road( which links the airport with the house road and electronic city). Due to the rapid urbanization land prices in Kormangala has been skyrocketed. It is the most popular area of Bangalore which is mostly renowned for the residential locality. It is one of the opulent region in Bangalore.

Places to Visit near Kormangala



It is the amusement park which is located around 20-30km from Kormangala, Bangalore. This is the best place to spend the weekend with friends, family and kids. Different kinds of rides are available here which have been categorized under two broad heads: Dry Rides and Wet Rides. 


Neeladri Amusement Park   

It is one of the famous parks among the children’s, which is the combination of Water Park and amusement park. It is the perfect place to refresh your mind and ease out your tensions. It is spread over an area of 30 acres, which consists of 45 different mind blogging fun rides, video game parlor. Apart from all these things there are many ice cream parlors, and chat stalls which will definitely help you to make your days happening.


Bannerghatta National Park

It is one of the renowned national parks in Bangalore which was established in 1971.The area covered by this park is around 104.27 sq km. It is near about 2 km from the Kormangala, Bangalore. It is consist of aquarium, Zoo, Children’s park Snakes park and a museum. It is the famous spot for a picnic. This park is open throughout the year, but, it remains closed on Tuesday.

Beside these there are many places near Kormangala like CrazyWaters, Bal Bhavan and many more. All these places attracts to children. The area of Kormangala prark is lined with the coffees shops, pizza parlor, and Shopping malls. Apart from these there are many restaurants and hotels in Kormangala which provided good services with neat and great ambience. It is the best place for the people who love dining out.



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