Panchgani Hill Station

Maharashtra is famous for many things like culture, tradition, tourist attractions including hill stations. Panchgani is one of the most famous hill stations in Pune, which has gained tremendous tourists in recent years. This place was discovered during the British Raj. The total credit for the availability of various important species of plants like ‘Silver Oak’, ‘Poinsettia’, and many more goes to an officer whose name is John Chesson. Just because of him, today Panchgani is full of beautiful species of plants, in its integral part.


Panchgani is at a distance of 20 km to the north side of Mahabaleshwar, and is spread out over five hills. Therefore the name given is ‘Panchgani’. Some of the unique popularities of this place are Boarding Schools, Parsi Bungalows, Tasty Strawberries, Fresh Air and Rich Indians who would like to spend some time at Panchgani.It can also be easily visited from Pune and Mumbai. It is situated at an altitude of 1334m, i.e just 38m below Mahabaleshwar, and it translate themselves into a breathtaking 20km approach from Mahabaleshwar.


Panchgani is famous for its pleasant climate, due to which it is gaining more importance as a famous hill station in Maharashtra. It serves tremendous tourist attractions, having there own historic significance, which makes them more memorable. The most popular tourist point at Panchgani is Sydney Point, which is situated at a hillock facing the Krishna Valley. The emensly flowing water of Dhom Dam can be clearly seen from this point. Some other attractions include Table Land, Devil’s Kitchen, Parsi Point and Mapro Garden. Table Land is a most famous shooting point of Bollywood movies, and Mapro Garden is known as a source of best quality jams, in whole country.


Panchgani is at a close proximity to Mahabaleshwar. As Mahabaleshwar has its own Bus stand, and many comfortable hotels for accommodation, you can stayed at a comfortable Budget Hotels In Mahabaleshwar, then by taxi or hiring a car from hotel you can visit Panchgani, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Since Mahabaleshwar has large number of tourist destinations than that of Panchgani, therefore it is better to stay at Mahabaleshwar, so that you can enjoy the beauty of both Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.


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