Royal Palace of Bangalore


Bangalore is the most populous city in the Karnataka, which is also the capital of Karnataka state. It is one of the famous IT hubs growing in Karnataka. It has many places to visit like Glass house, Shiva statue, UB city, Bannerghatta National Park and royal palace of Bangalore.

The Palace of Bangalore is the heritage of Karnataka. This palace is located in Bangalore. It was built by the first Principal of the Central High school ‘Rev.Garrett.’ The construction of the Palace was started in 1862 and finished in 1944. The palace is only 100 years old and is still used by the descendants of the Mysore Maharaja. There are the BMWs with the royal crest parked in the front when .But anyone can rent out the palace ballroom.


The palace was originally a school and was modeled to look like Windsor Castle.  It is now owned by the current scion of the Mysore royal family, Srikant Datta Narsimharah Wadiyar.It is recently has undergone a renovation. It is believed to be the replica of Windsor Castle in England.

The royal Palace was built at the princely amount of Rs. 1 million, whole structure sprawls across 147,466 sq foot. It also houses the ballroom where the King’s parties were held and Durbar Hall where he addressed the assembly. There’s a screen behind which the womenfolk would hear the king’s address and a set of windows with lovely stained glass. 


The walls of the palace bear exquisite paintainings, including those by the Raj Ram Varma. It serves a gallery which consists of several historical photos, including those of viceroys, Maharajas and other famous personalities. Another attraction is a Dining Table which belongs to the Diwan of Mysore.There are many places near Royal palaces to visit like,         

  • Tipu Sultan’s Palace       
  •   Attara Kacheri       
  •   Bangalore Fort   
  •     Mayo Fall      
  • Government Museum   
  •    Glass House


Bangalore is the rapidly developing city in terms of IT in Karnataka. It is one of the favorite destinations of the tourists. Many migrants, students, travelers visit the place. It is one of the reputed cities in India. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, market places in Bangalore. Many of the travelers prefer Hotels near Bangalore railway station, because of the transportation. Which provide quality services with all amenities in reasonable rates.






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