Mahabaleshwar, the beautiful Hill station in Maharashtra


Mahabaleshwar, the pinnacle of greenery is a beautiful hill station and a city in Satara district in Indian state of Maharashtra. This is the largest hill station in Sahyadri range of Maharashtra state situated at an altitude of 1372 m above the sea level and due to its high altitude this town has a cool climate and offers many pleasant walks.

Mahabaleshwar is famous throughout the country as a queen of hill stations that offers spectacular views of the surroundings valleys and soaring peaks, cool, crisp air, huge mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls, this all is in Mahabaleshwar. The hill station is famous for several lookout points and the surrounding valleys are also very beautiful places to enjoy holidays. The ancient Shiva temple in the forest is the source of five rivers including Krishna which is the second longest river in India.


Lookout points in Mahabaleshwar

·         Arthurs Seat – This point is one of the famous points in Mahabaleshwar which is named after Sir Arthur Mallet who was the first person to come here and it is said that he lost his wife and daughter in an accident.

·         Kate’s Point – The point is located to the east of Mahabaleshwar and the point is famous for two reservoirs such Balakwadi and Dhom. This point is named after the daughter of Sir James Malcom.


·         Wilson Point – This point is the highest in Mahabaleshwar situated at an altitude of 1439 m above the sea level. This is the only point from where you can see both sunset and sunrise that is named after Sir Leslie Wilson.

·         Bombay Point – Bombay point is one of the popular points in Mahabaleshwar as numbers of tourists visit this point to watch sunset and the point is called as sunset point also. Bombay point got its name as the point is located on old Bombay road.


There are many more points to visit in Mahabaleshwar from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the nature and feel good.

Mahabaleshwar is easy to access as the town is connected via all transport mediums both private and public. There are number of buses available to and from this city and via train Satara railway station which is 47 km from Mahabaleshwar and number of trains are accessible to reach here. Pune is the nearest Airport to Mahabaleshwar.

For accommodation, Mahabaleshwar is very comfortable to stay as there are number of hotels and lodges are available that provides excellent facility to their customers. Some hotels in Mahabaleshwar are very popular in the whole state range from budget to five stars. It is advisable to book hotels in advance as many people visit this station in peak seasons and availability of rooms is rare.


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