Scenic Beauty Of Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir is located in the extreme north region of India, in Himalaya Mountains. It shares a border with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab states. J & K is divided into three regions viz Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. The summer capital of J & K is Srinagar whereas the winter capital is Jammu. It is famous for its beautiful mountainous landscape, numerous shrines, and many other beautiful tourist places which attract thousands of travelers.  In the recent years J & K has got significant importance in the subject of International Focus. This state is now working for the overall Socio Economic development of the country.


Kashmir is worldwide known for its stunning mountainous backdrop, whereas the religious spots at Jammu attract numerous Hindu and Muslim devotees throughout the year. Ladakh is also known by the name ‘Little Tibet’, which is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and Buddhist culture.

Jammu and Kashmir has become a paradise for Indian Tourists, but after the emergence of terrorists, tourism has taken a blow in this region. In the recent years tourism is improving gradually as Indians from various states are heading for the most popular tourist destinations in India. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in this region are:

  • Jammu Valley
  • Kashmir Valley
  • Patnitop
  • Kargil
  • Leh
  • Dal Lake
  • Zanskar
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Sruinsar Lake
  • Mansar Lake
  • Katra
  • Amar ahal
  • Mantalai

And many other gorgeous places….


The two major natural advantageous of Kashmir are its Mountains on one hand and Lakes and Rivers on other hand. These waterways enhance more the beauty of region, and make it one of the chief sources to attract tourists to its verdant valleys. The mountains and rivers are not just a means of pleasure but are also an activity oriented way to of discovering new leisure sports that attracts more visitors to this region.

All such beautiful places are covered in Kashmir Packages available at our site. We have a pleasure in presenting some of the best holiday packages containing most interesting tribal itineraries of this region. As summer vacations are coming closure, you must be planning for going somewhere to enjoy holidays. Kashmir is one of the best place to enjoy your summer vacations, and get some relief from the humid and hot weather in other states of India.


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