The Tigers Trail


To explore the wildlife a Safari is exciting enough, but to explore the life of royal beast the Tiger Safari is a special treat, which no explorer in India would want to miss. Watching wildlife is something more than just a momentary pleasure, and seeking wildlife can brings you refreshment of body and mind too. Most of the animal lovers are willing to have a pleasure of caressing the Tigers, but as the Tigers are very dangerous and big in size, most of the people have fear about them. For such animal lovers god has made cat (the small version of Tiger) which are not as dangerous as Tigers.


Being a national animal of India, our country has a great history when it comes to Tigers. The population of Tigers in world has been drastically reduced from 100000 at the start of 20th century to around 4000. Due to such a less quantity, it becomes difficult to see this national animal in zoo, so the only way to catch a glimpse of this grand creature in the wild is to have a Tiger safari in India. The entry of Tiger in the wild is definitely a spine-chilling moment and at the same time a complete ‘Wow’ moment of your journey. There muscular body, rich stripes, solitary bliss, is an eye captivating view and a treat to watch.


Indian Jungle Safari is largely diversified which offers a great deal of adventurous opportunities to ensure that every tourist must enjoy the wildlife journey and make every encounter a memorable one. There are two ways to explore the Jungle, one is through classic Jeep safaris and other is through open elephant back ride safaris. Both the options will surely help you to enjoy the stimulating journey to meet the Maharajah of the Jungle.

The jungle safari through a 4X4 safari Jeep is a very safer mode to enter into the wild life habitat along with a naturalist and driver who would take us to some specific spots where we could come across these striped beauties. It also offers a great option where the whole family could sit together accompanied by some great photo shoots. With this option of jeep safari we can easily explore the inner depths of the wild life, without disturbing the natural habitat.


An elephant back safari is conducted only in a few National Parks in India where we get a chance to get up close and personally meet with the Tiger. This option will surely take our breath away, by sitting just a few meters away and observing the life of this grand animal. Since Elephants are also a part of natural habitat, they are easily accepted by the tigers. The Elephants used in this safari are well trained and the mahouts are also highly experienced who channel us effortlessly through the dense forest.


This is all about the Tiger Safari, hope this information will surely help you to enjoy your journey.


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