Unique Spots at Kashmir

Kashmir is India’s northernmost state, sharing borders with Pakistan and Tibet with Himachal Pradesh to its south. Kashmir valley to the north of Jammu has higher elevations, which are encompassed by the Pir Panjal rahge on the west and parts of the great Himalayas on the north east. It is one of the few Indian states that are boosted with many modern cities beatified by raw and untouched natural beauty. Kashmir is famous for its pleasing climate with friendly people. The view of sun kissing snow peaks, beautiful flowers which never seen before, lip slapping cuisines and good transportation system makes Kashmir a great tourism destination and this is the reason behind popularity of Kashmir among all tourists and travelers.


About Srinagar

Srinagar is the summer capital and also a heart of Jammu and Kashmir. In 17th century Mughal emperors move back here for spending summers and at the same time built some famous gardens at Srinagar. This town is known for its river Jhelum, the Dal and Nagin Lakes, canal and backwaters, and also for old wooden architecture. Gulmarg is a meadow with one of the highest golf courses in the world and one of India’s rare ski resorts.


About Patnitop

Patnitop or Patni Top is a top hill tourist spot situated in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. Patnitop is a well-known spot offering opportunities for adventure sports, walks and picnics. Patnitop name is originated from phrase “Patna da Talab”, meaning “pond of the Princess”. People believed that there was a pond on grassy slopes which is used by princess for bath. Patnitop is evergreen place in Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the four varieties of “true cedars”. It offer lots of things to its visitors ranging from camping, trekking and nature walk to paragliding, abseiling, rock climbing and skiing.


About Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort is also one of the unique spot in Jammu and Kashmir which overlooks a panoramic river Tawi, which is just five km away from Jammu. It is located on the elevation of the flowing Bahi River. The Bahu Fort was constructed originally under the control of the ruler King Bahulochana. The Bahu Fort houses a renowned Mahakali Temple, which is also known as Bawe-Wali Mata. There is mass conglomeration at this temple on Tuesday and Sunday. Famous festival in Bahu Temple is Bahu Mela during Navaratri which is celebrated with faith, passion, joy and festivity.


Along with these Buddha Amarnath Temple and holy caves of Vaishno Devi are also one of the well-known tourist spot in Kashmir. To enjoy such unique places at Kashmir you must select one of the best Kashmir Packages available at our site, to serve you well. Hope this information will serve you well.


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