Languages of Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the best tourist destinations in India, due to which there is great demand for best ‘Kashmir Holiday Packages’. Whenever we are going for any of such holidays, we must be aware about the local languages in that state. Being a biggest tourist destination, most of the people in Kashmir are aware about our national language ‘Hindi’, but still to make you more informative, here I am giving some information about the different languages in Kashmir.


Among all the different languages in Kashmir, the most dominant is the native Kashmiri language. Other languages which are common in Kashmir valley are Urdu, Hindi and English. The details provided below will give you more information about the major languages spoken in Kashmir.



Majority of the population in Kashmir, speaks in Kashmiri language. It is an Indo-Aryan language and which is popularly known as Koshur. This linguistic classification of languages, grouped it into Dardi, Khowar dialects, and Shrinya, by the oppositions.  These languages are spoken in the nearby areas to the valley. Language founders and interpreters have often says that, the above-mentioned accents are fall in that category of languages which can bear the affinity to both the Indo-Aryan as well as to the Indo-Iranian languages.


Philologists believe that, like that of the earliest Naga inhabitants of mountains of Kashmir which have been cut off from the mainstream Aryans (viz. the Ghandarvas, the Yakshas, the Kinnaras etc.), their language took some time to accept the influences and get merged with the main Aryan languages. The main Naga language was developed by its own and changes naturally like that of any other language.


It is the second most widely spoken language of Kashmir. Mainly the Kashmiri Pandits and the Gujjar population of Kashmir, prefer to speak in Hindi.


It is also one of the best known languages in Kashmir, which is spoken by the Muslim population in Kashmir. It is an Indo-European language, which sounds very much similar to Hindi. It is the only language which is written and read from right to left.


We can easily find local people in Kashmir conversing in English, especially the businessmen, guides, and many such people.



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