What To Wear In Kashmir??????

The answer to the question “what to wear in Kashmir while traveling” is rely on the valley’s season. If you are visiting Kashmir in summers, then it is advisable to wear cotton clothes. Though, Kashmir is not very hot during summer like other places in India, but still, the weather is a little bit warm. During spring season and autumn season in Kashmir, light woolens are the perfect clothes to wear, because in spring and also in autumn, cool breeze blows in the Kashmir valley. The winters in Kashmir are too cold and chilly, so in this season heavy woolens are the best answer to question of “how to dress up” in Kashmir.


Now, let’s talk more about the traditional costumes in Kashmir, as whenever we are going to J&K with best ‘Kashmir Holiday Packages’, then we must be aware about each and every tradition of this state. Here you will get complete details about costumes in Kashmir.


Jammu and Kashmir is well known for embroidery and intricate designs, as they reflect the richness of the culture of the region. Their clothing s designed by considering the cold climate of region. ‘Pheran’ which is the traditional form of dress, is more popular among both men and women.


Costumes in Kashmir for Men:

Hindu men in Kashmir, usually prefer to wear chiridars whereas Muslims wear salwars  beneath for traditional Pherans. It is the loosely fitted woolen garment which uses Kangri (earthen vessel filled with flaming coal). The main function of Kangri is to keep the wearer warm especially during extreme cold winters. Pathani suit, also known as Khan-dress is again one of the popular costume among mens especially in Srinagar.


Costumes in Kashmir for Women:

Pheran is again a traditional attire of Kashmiri women’s. Their Pheran usually had zari embroidery on the hem line and collar too. Pheran of Muslim women’s is especially characterized by broad sleeves, reach up to knees. Apart from this the Pheran of Hindu women’s is stretching up to their feet, with narrow down sleeves. Along with Pheran, they also wear red headgears, which are known as ‘’Kasaba’. It is stitched in the form of turban, and is pinned together with ornaments and silver brooches.



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