IT Boom Boosts In Pune

Many businesses like Hospitality, Consumer service and Real Estate, has been benefited by the progressive growth in IT sector, especially in Pune at a great extent. The business ventures have gained a lot from IT boom in Pune. Now a days every single business is depends on the IT sector, whether it may be a production business, or advertising business, packaging and handling business, travel industries and many other too. In every business IT software’s are used for maintaining records, and also to run their business more efficiently rather than that of manual work. Such a boom of IT sector helps in reducing human efforts by reducing their work.


In India, Pune serves the biggest IT hub at Hinjewadi. Not a single thing is there to decline the immense contribution made by IT industry to the development of Pune. Due to such an immense growth, Pune has become one of the most famous IT hubs in country. Such a fast development has transformed Pune from being a tier II city to India’s seventh biggest metropolis.


The IT Park in Hinjewadi, is divided into four phases. Three of them have finished their construction and development too, whereas fourth one is under construction. Such a huge IT Park provided employment to number of people, not only belonging to Pune, but also to people from nearby states, cities, and so on. Along with best education, Pune also provides a best employment opportunity, that’s why most of the student’s prefer to go to Pune, for higher studies or for jobs.


Hinjewadi IT Park contributes to the development of city. All the roads connecting to this area are wide and of large capacity. Such an immense development increases the rates of properties in Hinjewadi. Builders and other monopoly businessman have also got good opportunities, due to this IR Park. Many businessmen or clients from other states and foreign too also visit big companies at Hinjewadi. For such visitors, big and posh hotels are required in the nearby areas. Ultimately there is great demand for Star category ‘Hinjewadi Hotels’ by the outside visitors.



As Hinjewadi suburb of Pune, provides almost all facilities of a daily routine, with immense services. Therefore most of the people working at this IT Park, prefer to stay in the same area. In such a way, the boom of IT sector in Pune, contributes largely to the huge growth in the educational, production, chemical, packaging, and advertisement industries in India.



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