Ratagiri Tourism

Ratnagiri, a city in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, is surrounded by the sea on one side and the Sahayadri ranges on other side. The land is decorated by the beautiful mountains and the sea, which offers some spectacular landscapes.


The only reason behind the popularity of Ratnagiri district is its delicious ‘Haapus Mangoes’. This unique feature of Ratnagiri, attracts large number of visitors from all over the world, especially in the season of mangoes. Most of the people driving on National Highway 17 (NH17) between Mumbai and Goa will take a diversion pointing to Ratnagiri?


Along with Haapus, this district also serves many tourist amenities, which are relatively unexplored and free of tourist traps. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Ratnagiri, is to ignore all the guides and just follow any of the road that might end up in some spectacular place. All the mountains and other tourist destinations, makes Ratnagiri just a good driving holiday. Some tips to make your drive more enjoyable are:


  • Leave early in the morning, particularly in between 5 to 7, so that you can save at least an hour of driving.
  • To grab some typical Maharashtrian fast food, you can stop at ‘Dutta’s Vada-Pavs’ at Panvel.
  • You should not spoil your journey by staying at any of the ridiculous place, some of the recommended places for stay are ‘The Kohinoor Sagar’ and ‘Ratnasagar Beach Resort’.


The fascinating history of Ratnagiri, offers number of historical palace of Mughals to see. The last Mughal emperor of India, ‘Bahadur Shah Zafar’ was deported here in 1858. ‘Thibaw’, the king of Burma, was built his own house in Ratnagiri in 1910. It is a two-storied, red stone palace built on a land of 23 acres with Italian colored glass window, overlooking Arabian Sea. This beautiful palace is a unique example of ‘Pagoda’ style of architecture.


Along with this many other palaces are also there, some portion of them may collapse at any time, but still you can visit them to take a beautiful view of whole city. Ratnagiri also hosts a house where Lokmanya Keshav Bal Gangadhar use to leave. It is a nice example of kokani architecture.


Ganpatipule, which is one of the most religious places in India, is at a close proximity to Ratnagiri. This district is easily accessible from both Mumbai and Pune. All these features of Ratnagiri, attracts large number of national and international visitors which are demanding for best ‘Ratnagiri Hotels’ at an affordable rate.



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