Darjeeling Mall – Nehru Road Entrance

The Mall is one of the most famous areas, located on Nehru road, Darjeeling. Most of the travellers prefer to stay at ‘Darjeeling Hotels near mall’, due to its prime location, and vicinity to number of other tourist destinations. Let’s take a look of the mall, and its surrounding.


If we stand in front of the mall and turn anti-clockwise towards left, then there is Bellevue Hotel overlooking the Mall. On the left, there is Dr. Zakir Hussain Road for entering the Mall through a crowded market area. All shops of grocery items, vegetables and fruits are available on this road.


There is one more narrow entrance or the mall, where a Holiday Home budget hotel is located. There is one Police Assistance Booth, on the left side of hotel. This booth is manned by Darjeeling Police for 24 hours. On the left side of this booth, there is one CCD (Coffee Cafe Day), where most of the youngsters come for a cup of coffee. On its left there are few benches, by seating on which people can enjoy the Mall activities.


Next on the left boundary, there is Hawa Ghar, which is a large two storied structure of concrete to organize cultural programs like Nepali dance and music especially during the high season. On the left side of Hawa Ghar there are again few benches laid out to sit under the pine trees and take a grand view of mountains.


Between the 2 entrances of the Mall Road, there is a big golden color statue of Bhanubhakta Acharya (the Nepali poet). He (1814-1868) had written the Nepali version of Ramayana.


Next, towards left, we can see multiple lanes of well-known shops in Darjeeling, which is a great attraction for locals as well as tourists. If you get tired from the shopping, then many stalls of street food are also available near market.


Next, on the left there is one oxford book & stationary, which is an oldest and best book stores in Darjeeling. To the left of this stationary, there is another famous store established in 1890 and selling unique collections of artwork, special jewelry, curios, and other souvenir items.


This is all about what the Chowrasta Mall in Darjeeling offers. Along with all this, a couple of things that uniquely characterize the Mall are lots of pigeons all around the Mall, and number of local lads with their ponies and horses offering rides. All these features makes Chowrasta mall in Darjeeling very famous.



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