Needs and Rules of Registration at Yatra Slip Counter

Katra is a city where most of the devotees come for taking darshan of ‘Mata Vaishnao Devi’. The most important activity to be done by the devotees after reaching at Katra is getting registered for the Vaishnao Devi Yatra, which is carried out at the Yatri Registration counter (YRC) near the Bus Stand, Katra. This registration can also be done online.


The registration is done by Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, which is the only legal and statutory authority for this task. No other private or public organization is authorized to issue the Yatra slip. The process of registration is completely free and is fully based on computerized system. Yatra Registration Counter, known as (YRC) where this registration process is carried out is situated at Bus stand, Katra. Under this process, a visitor has to register his name along with the number of companions, and then a computerized Slip known as Yatra slip/Parchi is issued to him. This Yatra slip is a documentary permission for them to proceed in his journey up to the main Shrine. He needs to cross the first Check Post of Banganga, within 6 hours of the issue of Yatra slip, which is just 1.5 kilometers away from the YRC. If he fails to do this, his slip will be confiscated at the Check Post and he needs to take a fresh slip altogether.


The entire process of Yatra Registration is fully computerized, which makes it more convenient, smooth and efficient. Yatries who proceed to Vaishnao devi darshan without this slip, shall be turned back from Banganga check post and not allowed to proceed further. In some extreme conditions, if yatri is found at Bhawan/en-route without yatra slip, then he/she will not only be turned back but a disciplinary action will also be taken against him/her.


It is important to note that, one Yatra Slip is issued for maximum of 9 members of one family or group. For more members, visitors need to take more than one slip. In case if yatries are in large groups, a separate yatra Slip should be issued for each family.


Due to all such importance of this YRC, most of the visitors prefer to stay at comfortable ‘Hotels near Yatra Slip Counter’.



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